Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring in Beijing: Part III The Forbidden City and More

Tienanmen Square.  And yes, I made my husband go and look at Mao's embalmed/frozen/plasticized body with me.  It was a long, long, line, but quite efficient. The guard said twenty minutes and I think it took us twenty two.   He looked just like all his pictures, only, dead. (Mao, that is, not the guard)

Ready to enter the forbidden city, with our electronic, automated guides which were supposed to know exactly where we were standing and give us info about that place.  Didn't quite work that way.

To our Christmas card recipients - a preview of our 2011 Christmas card. One of the best $5 we've spent.

Fire extinguisher, any one?

We had an amazing experience at a local Christian "fellowship" (not a church) 30-40 mostly young people gather seven nights a week, different folks every night... 7:30 to 9:30 after work... wanting to learn God's word from the Bible.  Wayne was able to offer a "greeting" and they peppered us with questions afterwards, but we had to leave quickly because the building closed at ten p.m., no lingering allowed.  This is all legal, as long as it isn't a church and as long as no politics are discussed.

 I couldn't end this mini-series on our first trip to China without a couple of photos of signs in "Chinglish".
The first one (no spitting) makes sense even though it doesn't seem to have much effect since there are big globs of spit everywhere on the sidewalks.  But we aren't quite sure about the exact purpose of this second sign.
We loved our first trip to China and hope we will have many more!!!

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