Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Cambodia: Budgets, Pledges, Project Reports... and Kirany's Kids

Sunrise through a curtain
The view from my hotel window -- overlooking the Mekong River! I had a LOT of work to do helping with a thousand and one tasks for the Mekong Mission Forum meeting, (budgets, pledges, project reports, shall I numb you with the details???) so I found myself up uncharacteristically early each morning... and got to see the sunrise over the Mekong. Gorgeous!
Colours of the Mekong...

I made a new friend... you'll never guess where he's from... Japan! So we toured the Cambodian palace grounds.
God's people come in all colours & sizes, don't they?

The highlight of the week came near the end when the "business meetings" were over and those of us from the Lutheran Theological Seminary Hong Kong  got to see old friends! LTS alumni in Cambodia!!! 
LTS Cambodian Alumni Dinner along the Mekong River...
fantastic scenery but hard to take good photos!
Ok I can't resist... I had to show you one close up of the
fantastically colourful and delicious Cambodian food.

And then on Sunday I had the chance to see "Kirany's kids" again.

Kirany is a 2011 graduate of LTS-Hong Kong, and to my mind she is the epitome of the true "servant-leader". She's been working at a "regular job" during the week, but faithfully, faithfully leading this troop of kids on Saturdays
and Sundays, with games, English lessons, Bible songs, prayer, and a royal zest for life.
Kirany's kids... and the other ministries of joy and empowerment being led by LTS alumni and Mekong Mission Forum participants --
this makes all those "budgets, pledges, and project reports" EVER so worth it.

“Whoever is faithful in a very little,  is faithful also in much..." -- Jesus (Luke 16:10)