Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring in Beijing: Part I The Summer Palace

The tour book said NOT to engage a tour guide, so what did we do? Engaged a tour guide.  She was good, though!

I like these feisty creatures guarding the gateways.

A marble boat.  A marvel, but I ask myself, why?
The peonies are in bloom!!

First time I've smelled peonies in years (they don't bloom in Hong Kong)

Entrance fees include free entertainment

Even the sweepers are in costume.

Gorgeous colors, intricate designs.

All kinds of tourists.

View of the hand dug lake through a painted window.

One of the (or THE) longest covered walkways in the world (????)

All kinds of tourists.  The plum blossoms are in bloom!

Our first day in Beijing concluded with (what else?) Peking Duck!  Yum!

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