Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eight weeks of Bible club bedlam draw to a close.

Open House at the Ma On Shan Lutheran Primary School. Above: Primary3 students on their last day of Bible Club, below: Primary One students (future Bible Club participants!)
We had one  last Truth English Bible Club session and presentation for parents, with all the kids together on a Saturday morning at a school open house.  Surprise surprise we even had a new student on the last day of our club!  We've learned a lot through our first 8 week trial program, as we get ready for a full launch next fall.  All the kids got a "certificate of completion", and their very own copy of the "Where Is Jesus" simple English language book we had been using.  When we asked the P3 students if they'd be interested in returning next year as older "helpers" in the program, they unanimously shouted yes!  After all the mayhem, confusion, running around, discouragement on our part (the adult leaders) the children themselves all said, YES!

Halleluia!  (I definitely need the summer to rest up for it, though)   :)

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