Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back in hot, humid, crowded, but still beautiful Hong Kong!

Hi everybody, thanks to a lot of help from you all, including your ear-marked gifts to Evangelical Lutheran Global Mission, we are back in hot, humid, crowded, but very beautiful Hong Kong!!!  We spent nearly 18 hours of flying time, long, long, long, but everything went extremely smoothly after the little V8 juice mishap.

Our two college sons got up early to take us to the Green Bay airport in our old minivan... stuffed full of the 5 of us plus 6 huge bags (filled with necessities such as textbooks and kid’s books and somebody’s special shampoo which  can allegedly only be found in the USA) plus 3 maximum sized carry-ons plus Wilson (the cat who’s heading back to college, see previous post)  plus leftover groceries for the boys.... Anyway a big bottle of V8 juice fell out of the minivan as we opened the trunk and out gushed a thick red puddle, but mercifully, practically miraculously, only on the ground not on us or on our luggage!

Our flight arrived in Hong Kong exactly 2 minutes after our scheduled arrival (amazing, isn't it?), and our neighbor & colleague John Lemond picked us up at the airport -- it was so nice to see a familiar face as we arrived.

There was only one giant cockroach waiting for us in our bathroom, and he was already dead.  That, and lots of lizard droppings in the kid’s room.   Not bad for two months' worth of bug parties in a tropical climate.

I awakened at 4:30 this morning and at 5:00 I thought I might as well make a nice pot of coffee and do a little cleaning, only to discover there was NO WATER!!! Thank heavens we had water last night to take our much needed showers.

Two hours later, the water worked and the scrubbing could begin in earnest.

A quick walk to the mall reminded me of why I don’t like to go to shopping on weekends. 

We’re back in the crowds of Hong Kong!!!  Hot, humid, but still beautiful.  And come to think of it, crowds were where Jesus did some of his best work.

"As Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed him..."  Luke 8:43a

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