Friday, September 18, 2009

O is for Octopus

 I just got back from one of the most challenging events of my life as a pastor... I was asked to lead the first session of a school assembly which included an Intro to Christianity for the 150 first thru sixth graders at the Lutheran Primary School.  As I've mentioned before, a good portion of the kids almost certainly know nothing whatsoever about this "Christianity" stuff, so I am acutely aware of an incredible opportunity... and an incredible responsibility.

Good thing that I know it's the Holy Spirit's job to stir up faith, not mine!!  I'm also working with the most incredible group of great teachers at the school.  Pictured above is "Teacher Nelly" one of MaOnShan Lutheran School angels.

Then I got to teach 18 1st graders the letter "Hh" and help them make name tags.  I was going to take pictures of them with their name tags so I could study them (I am so terrible at names, always have been)  but we got too sidetracked with writing and decorating those name tags so we never got around to either the photos or the "If you're Happy and You Know it" song I was going to teach them. (You know, "h" is for "happy"!)

Then we made potato head octopuses with the 16 2nd graders (they are doing the letter "Oo")  a craft I designed myself, I'm quite proud to say.

It was a blast but I'm so tired I feel like I've been run over by a truck...  

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