Saturday, October 15, 2011

The view from my new office

The view from my (still new) office. (As of September I'm the Coordinator of International Student Affairs at LTS)
Yesterday monkeys were scampering across the roof but I wasn't quick enough with my camera

LTS, where Wayne teaches and I work (!).  From the balcony outside my office, I look down on the fishponds!
It's enormously cool to have a balcony outside one's office!

Rain, rain, and more rain this month.  But it's still beautiful, even in the rain.

A rainy day is a good day for a baptism.  Michael's Mom is in failing health and had been unable to even eat for several days... then she rallied for her Baptism Day!  What a day of joy at Truth Church in Ma On Shan! This is part of what it's all about, our work, studies, teaching at the Lutheran School of Theology in Hong Kong.

As I said in an earlier post - the best thing about my new job is the students!  This student, from Indonesia,  is finishing up a doctorate in Old Testament. He's on a scholarship from one of the German Mission organizations, and eager to return home after three long years of study at LTS. He looks mild-mannered, but if you put a saxophone in his hands, look out!  (I believe the same is true of his passion for God's Word!)

Let my teaching fall like rain 
and my words descend like dew, 
like showers on new grass, 
like abundant rain on tender plants.  
(Deuteronomy 32:2)

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  1. Having that view of the fishponds must be very relaxing. I can see a lot of fish from here, but I hope it doesn’t tempt you too much to want to head there when you’re not yet supposed to. Still, it’s a refreshing change from looking at too many papers.