Monday, October 31, 2011

Planning for some jungle bedlam...

The posters are up, the kids are primed, and Thursday will be the start of our 
Big Jungle Adventure Truth English Bible Club
with local Hong Kong kids and some Chinese Mainland kids 
at Ma On Shan Lutheran Primary School.  
Some of them come from Christian homes, but many don't, 
and their English is, let's just say, minimal.
The question is, can fun, games, a good deal of chaos, songs, snacks, art projects, and those basic Bible Stories from the Old and New Testaments, somehow convey the essential truth that
the God of the Universe 
wants to be in relationship with kids of every nation, culture, and tribe, 
including very specifically, these kids, 
as well as you and me?
They are loved.  We are loved.  
Can we believe it?

This should be interesting.  Last spring we did it with two separate groups of  six or seven children at a time.  This year we have FIFTEEN P3 kids and SIX P4 "helpers". 
(We had decided as a leadership group that we wouldn't have helpers, given their pretty terrible behavior last spring, and lo and behold I was just given the list of participants from the official school list and it includes... six "helpers".)

So, who wants to sing a big round of:

"Who's the King of the Jungle?  WHO? WHO?
Who's the King of the sea (bubble, bubble, bubble)
Who's the King of the universe and
Who's the King of me???????

Stay tuned, I'm gonna try making some videos. Only maybe not the first week.

"...there is that great beast, which you have made 
as a plaything. "-- Psalm 104:26 Bible in Basic English

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