Friday, June 25, 2010

From China to Door County, Wisconsin

We signed up to serve as an "American Connection" to an international seasonal worker here in Door County, Wisconsin, and guess what, it turns out that "our" student is from China! 

When we went to find her at the hotel where she works, she had gone for a bike ride so we met four of her friends, instead.

They were delighted to come for a deluxe tour of our home, to practice their English, and meet my sister (Karin, far left). 

They admitted a profound dislike for Wisconsin cheese (disgusting!) and were intrigued by pretzel sticks and microwave popcorn.

They laughed at, and encouraged us in our VERY fledgling Chinese,  and we're all looking forward to sharing the delights of our upcoming Fourth of July celebration.

What fun!  They took lots of photos and we were able to share with my sister some of what we love best about Hong Kong... the Chinese people!

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