Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fast food Hong Kong style vs. fast food in Wisconsin

It's been a week already since our fifteen hour direct flight from Hong Kong to Detroit. It was an hour and a half ordeal making it through customs, and I must admit I missed the Asian efficiency in the airport... there were way too many people in uniform just standing around chatting with each other.  When we finally got as far as the gal at the customs counter she asked Wayne what he did and when she heard he was a marriage and family counselor, she sighed and said, "I would like to ask you a LOT of questions." But then she just waved us through without asking a single thing! So his profession does have its advantages.

Our next flight was about an hour from Detroit to Green Bay, and then into the waiting arms of my sister who had driven up with my niece from Rockford (my favorite and only sister, who has been diagnosed with advanced cancer since the last time I saw her).  Middle Son was there as well, and  Eldest Son showed up just a few minutes later, having helped with a big Special Olympics event earlier in the day.

First order of business, before driving on to our home in Sister Bay and getting to see my 86 year old mother, the really important thing we had been looking forward to was a stop at Culver's, home of the butterburger!  So here's the first of my mini-series on comparisons & contrasts between our life in Hong Kong and our life in Wisconsin:

Fast food Wisconsin style vs. fast food in Hong Kong:

It's good to be back in the USA for a couple of months :)

I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods;
       with singing lips my mouth will praise you.
-- Psalm 63:5

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