Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Buddha's Birthday!

Is it wrong for a Christian to celebrate Buddha's birthday by sleeping in? Well, in Hong Kong it's a public holiday so guess what?!  We are celebrating!

What do  people do on Buddha's birthday? I had no idea, but thankfully, the Chinese department at Eric's school (Hong Kong International School) sent us the following helpful info:

Buddha’s Birthday, May 21, 2010
Since the Yuan Dynasty, Buddha’s birthday is usually celebrated on the 8th day of the Fourth Moon.  This year it’s on May 21st  (Friday).  Hong Kong Government declares it as a Public Holiday.

Some Chinese people celebrate this day as the day of the “Bathing Buddha.”  On this day inside each of the Buddhist temple, it is a custom to “bathe” the Buddha with perfume water.  Then the worshippers will take some of the holy water back home, hoping to bring peace and blessings to their family.
In addition, this is also a celebration of the birthday of the ox.  In rural areas, farmers usually take this day to give oxen a big bath.  Some farmers even express their thanks to the oxen by giving them a day of rest.

Well we don't have any oxen, so we are giving ourselves a day of rest instead.

Happy Holiday!  :)


  The fear of the LORD leads to life;
       then one rests content, untouched by trouble. 

                                                     -- Proverbs 19:23

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