Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meeting Elijah

I finally got to meet Elijah last week. We went out to McDonald's for breakfast.
My husband and I "inherited" Elijah from the previous residents of our apartment, who had formed a relationship with this special man, who kept calling us wanting to know, "Where is John Peterson?" "Are you John Peterson?" "When is John Peterson coming back?",  all spoken in a lovely sing-songy English with strong Cantonese accent.

For several months Elijah thought that we were John Peterson's domestic helper(s) and was grievously disappointed when it began to dawn on him that John Peterson had returned to his home country and was not coming back.  However, John Peterson's loss has become our gain, because now Elijah calls us every other night or so to ask how we are and whether we need a prayer.  How can a practicing Christian say no to that?  Elijah then helpfully offers us the option of picking the length of the prayer: "Number 1 to 4, which do you choose? Number 1 is shorter, Number 4 is longer".  Normally I choose a Number 2 Prayer, unless I am really pressed for time, then I take a Number 1... and Elijah is never judgemental about the number I choose.  However, I've also noticed that the prayers are suspiciously similar in length.  On the other hand, to be totally truthful, I've never chosen a Number 4.

If I understand him right (the sing-songy Cantonese accent sometimes gets in the way), Elijah usually prays for "ability and humility" for me, which is a pretty good combination.  Can't have too much of either of those.

Last Saturday it was finally time to meet Elijah in person.  Wayne and I took the MTR, then a bus, then threaded our way through the maze of yet another huge Hong Kong shopping mall, asked for directions twice, and when we finally found Elijah's high rise (where he lives with his elderly Mom and his sister, in a miniscule low-rent apartment), there he was, waiting for us, absolutely beaming.

"You are so beautiful," he told me, and then again to my husband, "She is so beautiful."

I like this man, Elijah.  Surely he is an angel of the Lord to us.

 (Scriptural disclaimer -- I admit this verse is taken totally out of context.  but I couldn't resist)

Then the woman said to Elijah, "Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the LORD from your mouth is the truth."   -- I Kings 17:24

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  1. Great piece! I see his wings!! By the way, after Krista Tippet interviewed Anshin Min, I was moved to read her book about the Cultural Revolution -- "Red Azalea." Have you read it? Miss you both!