Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rain, a pigeon head, and the camera I left behind...

Remnants of another typhoon hit us on Wednesday night just as we were heading off to our favorite local restaurant (a.k.a. "the pigeon place"), making us grateful for the refuge of the many underpasses of the Tai Wai area (where we live).

I wanted to take pictures to record the way the streets turn into rivers, and yes, that's my husband, the professor of Marriage and Family Counseling, directly behind me, and our son trying, in vain, to pretend he doesn't know us.

A big thanks to our friend Danny for these photos -- make sure to look closely at the second picture. Can you tell what I'm eating? Yes, it's a pigeon head but I have to admit that though I nibbled the neck, I stopped short of sucking out the brain... I'm not a real Hong Kongian yet...

I'm can't show you the pictures I personally took, however, because I lost my camera on the Hong Kong MTR (metro train) yesterday. I was on my way to my new "once a month" church which meets in a school. I was excited about it... and worried about finding it in the maze of buildings of the "Heng On" housing project... and slightly late (as usual)... so when we got to the church and I wanted to take photos of some of the most beautiful people in the world (really! There was a Dad with his three year old daughter in matching pink t-shirts that would've knocked your socks off )... I hoped I had merely left the camera at home.

Many hours later (after an after-church excursion for lunch and happily discovering a new kind of cream puff at a Sai Kung bakery) we got home and my heart sunk to realize I had obviously left my camera on the busy train to Heng On.

After eating two more cream puffs to console myself (even though, as my son helpfully pointed out, I've been complaining about that camera for years and wanting to get a new one) I summoned up the barest bit of hope to call the MTR headquarters and ask if perhaps someone had turned in a black camera bag.

Indeed someone had, and the camera is waiting for me whenever it's convenient for me to come and pick it up at the station.

I love this city.

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