Monday, June 1, 2009

Pentecost & the languages of love

Hong Kong Languages of Love Pentecost 2009 Hong Kong Languages of Love Pentecost 2009 pastorchrista209

Acts 2:6 Each one heard them speaking in his own language...

Acts 2:7-8 Utterly amazed, they asked, "How is it that each of us his own native language?"
Acts 2: 11 " -- we hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues!"


On Pentecost Sunday I preached for the first time since arriving in Hong Kong.

I spoke on the languages of love, and the many different languages the Spirit uses to speak first to us, then through us, the many members of the Church of Jesus Christ...

I used an old Dave Watry mission story, from when he and Jude lived in Russia for a year. Their first week there, they went to the market to buy some eggs for breakfast. Not knowing the word for "egg" in Russian, Dave acted out what he thought was a pretty fine imitation of a chicken laying an egg. The lady in the market stall nodded earnestly, turned to rummage through the boxes in the back of her market stall, and turned around again to hand Dave... a roll of toilet paper.

Ah yes, the languages we use.

The languages of love include these classic five: Time, Gifts, Words, Practical Help, Touch, to which I would add a few more such as color, art, food, music... you probably can think of more. Anyway, check out the short slide show (above) for the languages I've heard lately.

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