Friday, January 2, 2009

A new day dawns...

Just a few photos...
-- the first morning in Hong Kong, a window of our new home
--Wayne & I on our first excursion into Shatin, the district where we are living; Population of this little suburb of Hong Kong: 637,000!
-- our kitchen. I can't wait until our shipment arrives from home, as we have almost no dishes or utensils... our first purchase in Hong Kong has been a rice cooker!
-- note the 14 foot plus ceilings! It's cool now (in the 40's at night, gorgeous sunny 60's in the day) but they say we will be very grateful for the high ceilings and huge ceiling fans when summer arrives.

Stay tuned, I will definitely have pics of the seminary soon (fascinating, and incredibly beautiful), and maybe I will summon up the courage to take some pictures of the marketplace (a basketful of live frogs awaiting their turn for the soup cauldron is vividly etched in my brain, but I forgot my camera yesterday)

lots of love to you all, Christa


  1. Wayne and Christa: You've been in our prayers for a safe journey and arrival to your new home and as always He has answered faithfully. This "blog" thing is new to me and yours is the first I've seen or responded to! Thanks for creating it. Looking forward to your new postings as we live "vicariously" through your amazing adventures!! We miss you. Gods peace be with you always and in all ways.

  2. Happy New Year to all of you! I, too, am new to blogging, but feel so blessed to be able to move with you in this way as you settle in your new home and workplace.
    I didn't offer before you left, and know that you probably had many offers, but wanted to make sure to let you know that if Soren or Torsten need anything, ever, we would be happy to do whatever was needed for them--just let us know and we'd do anything you/they need.
    Thinking of you, missing you, and following your wonderful blog posts regularly--thank you :-) Mari Jo

  3. If I have my time change info correct on my world clock setting on Google, it is now noon in Hong Kong on January 6, so Happy 50th Birthday Christa!! Hope you have a wonderful day. Thinking of you, Mari Jo

  4. I'm so grateful to have received the information about your blog and to follow your journey and adventures. I miss you greatly but find peace in the fact that you came into my life and helped bring my spirituality to a new level. Be safe, keep one another close, and know you are always in our hearts.

  5. Hi Wayne and Christa and Happy 50th Christa!! Major changes all around!! Can it be possible that we miss you already - it can - and yes we do. However, it is good to read (and see)that you are settling in to your new surroundings. They do look beautiful (not sure about the bucket of frogs, however, please don't put that photo on your blog. The mind's eye is good enough!) We think of you daily and keep you in prayer. And look forward to future visits to your blog! Thanks for sharing so soon - With love - Kathleen