Monday, April 18, 2011

Dramatic-Linguistic Challenges in Holy Week

The Lutheran Theological Seminary of Hong Kong had their annual sacred concert Friday night.  It was beautiful, as always, singing to a packed house, and this year Wayne accompanied the international students when they sang A Touching Place (sorry I didn't get a picture, but I've copied some of the words below.)

Meanwhile, I've been working hard with the Truth English Bible Club and we've had a break through (I think).

Due to the wise counsel of an experienced teacher from the Netherlands (my new friend and co-volunteer,  "Mrs. Henny") we started the Bible Club hour with snacks and fellowship instead of ending with them. 

What a difference, when we actually took time with the kids at the beginning of the hour instead of rushing right in with my "program". 

And look how they listened when "Mrs. Henny" told them the story of the first Easter.  Wow.

Okay, so we didn't get to sing all the songs I had planned or repeat the Bible verse I wanted them to memorize.  THIS is what it's all about, eating together, wanting to communicate, and learning about the greatest story of all.

This coming Thursday we'll be doing an Easter Program with the whole school.  Those of you who know me will be shaking in their boots with me when I tell you that we're going to attempt a whole Reader's Theatre of the Passion according to Mark with about 200 grade school children.  In Chinese.

"But I didn't think you had learned Chinese," you ask?  That's right.  That's what will make this one of my biggest dramatic-linguistic challenges ever. But isn't that one of the specialties of the Holy Spirit?

 Words to A Touching Place (Scottish traditional, words by John L. Bell)

Christ's is the world in which we move,
Christ's are the folk we're summoned to love,
Christ's is the voice which calls us to care,
And Christ is the one who meets us here.

To the lost Christ shows his face;
to the unloved he gives his embrace;
to those who cry in pain or disgrace,
Christ makes, with his friends, a touching place.*

(Here's a link to a Cathedral choir rendition of this song, the only free sample I could find for you.  I liked the International Choir's version much better :)

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