Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March in Hong Kong

rare black shirted spoonfed male
We visited the Hong Kong Wetland Park last week, which is situated across from a gazillion high rises and adjacent to a huge, little used parking lot.

It does, however, have some real live migrating birds, including some very rare blackfaced spoonbills, which I may or may not have actually seen.

I have yet to find the name of these fairyland flowers, so if anyone knows, please clue me in.
These waters will soon be aglow with lilies, but they have a certain Lenten beauty in this season, too.

Not spoonbills :)
This fish seemed to enjoy swimming sideways.  really, he's alive, or was when I took the photo. 
A wedding party makes good use of the scenic backdrop.
red crabs and these weird little legged fish which we had also seen in Malaysia.  They crawl around and attack each other in the mud.  good fun to watch.
Back at the seminary, just in case you think we don't do any work around here :)    Wayne confers with  students.  He is teaching Marriage and Family Counseling along with Christian Counseling and Discernment, both deeply appreciated courses in this intercultural context.

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