Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friends, companions, and cheerful angels for the journey

In the middle of some frustrations last week (I can assure you you do NOT want to hear about them) I had the good sense to knock off for an afternoon and go for some sightseeing back at the Buddhist Nunnery at Diamond Hill.  I went with my Japanese friend, Yoko, who laughs at all of my jokes (feeble tho they may be) and seems to actually like my company(something that, for rather good reasons, my family has not necessarily been able to do.)  
In addition, I just received this note from the lead teacher at the Lutheran Primary School where I'll be visiting tomorrow, and starting the phonics and Bible story programs next week:

"Thinking you can come to our school next week, my heart is singing."
Wow.  How can I not believe that God has some special stuff coming up for me/us this coming year?

A cheerful heart is good medicine... 
-- Proverbs 17:22

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