Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter in Cambodia, Part 3: Rainbow House & eating bees

The third (and last) installment of pictures from Wayne's trip to Cambodia as he accompanied Joseph, who is a recent graduate from the Lutheran Theological Seminary of Hong Kong, where Wayne teaches.

The first picture looks like a postcard but Wayne says he actually took it himself (!)... of the Royal Palace in Pnom Penh.

Next, two more pictures of Joseph - Joseph at a community well, Joseph with a child who has just climbed an enormous palm tree to harvest palm sugar water (whatever that is).

This next set of pictures is from The House of Rainbow Bridge Hospice for orphans with AIDS, where Joseph's role is to serve, encourage, and support children with AIDS and those who care for them.   

A recent report on The Rainbow House states "The health condition of the aids orphans has become stable under the good care in Rainbow Bridge.  The death rate is zero from June in 2007 to 2009 (from 25% in 2005)."

For more pictures from the Rainbow House AIDS orphanage, click here.

Along with encountering these precious, fragile, and resilient children, Wayne also had the opportunity to visit the scene of one of the great atrocities in Cambodian recent history - the S21 Genocide Museum - click here for photos - where in the 1970's,  thousands of Cambodians, including women, infants & children, were tortured and murdered by the Khmer Rouge under the orders of Pol Pot.

Joseph also took Wayne to go see one of the 7 Wonders of the World -- The Temples of Ancient Angkor!  More pictures of these truly amazing temples here.    

Oh yes, and the bee eating?  Here's the evidence -- honeycomb, larva and all.


  1. hey there,just searched up for Rainbow bridge house and i saw your pic.I was there last week,it was glad to see them with other visitor and made them happy :D

  2. What a wonderful place and it's so good to know there are loving people giving their support with visits and care