Saturday, July 4, 2009

Snails, slugs and frogs

It's perfect weather for snails, slugs and frogs here in Hong Kong. An occasional giant cockroach completes a snorkeling expedition by crawling up the drain to explore the dining possibilities of our shower stall. Wooden spoons in the kitchen and wooden doors to our bedroom sport new jackets of greenish mold.

We carry umbrellas wherever we go. Many, many people flee Hong Kong for the summer. Even at night, the temperatures rarely go below 80. Three showers a day have now become the norm.

Wayne makes the daily climb up Tao Fung Shan road to the seminary, to meet with students and prepare classes in Youth & Family Counseling for the fall. His students continue to be a delight, eager to learn, to be equipped for leading and counseling and teaching God's people throughout Asia.

I supplement our income... and our understanding of Asian families & culture, with my Hoppy Palace Phonics work. The games which the center provides are all laminated paper. I supplement with real ants to see (a-a-ant begins with A), real hard-boiled eggs to touch(e-e-egg begins with E) and real actions to take (j-j-jump and j-j-jiggle)

Which is what I still do when I see a giant frog on the doorstep, or a crawling cockroach on the wall.

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