Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daily Commute in Hong Kong

This is what our commutes often look like. We're always sad when we arrive just as the doors of the train close!
Our son takes the metro each day as part of his 1.25 hour trip (one way)to school. We take the metro for our 50 minute trip to church on Sundays. I have been taking the metro 30 minutes to my phonics-teaching job, but this week the Hoppy Palace opens up a center closer to our home, so I can walk to work! Then I only have to dodge the people on the streets...

I have seen something else under the sun:
The race is not to the swift
or the battle to the strong,
nor does food come to the wise
or wealth to the brilliant
or favor to the learned;
but time and chance happen to them all.

(from the Old Wise Man of Ecclesiastes 9:11)

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