Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Camera at Easter

Happy Easter!!!
He is risen, All

Much to our 15 year old's delight (!) we got up at 4 to climb the hill to Tao Fung Shan for the 5 o' clock Easter sunrise service.

While it was still dark, we heard again the ancient reading of the witness who said that Jesus of Nazareth was raised, he is not in the tomb. Close as we are on this mountainside, to massive stone tombs and graves, it was not hard to imagine the tiredness of the women that first Easter morning, the mixture of hope and amazement and fear that accompanied the message of the resurrection.
"With this announcement, everything changed," our preacher, John LeMond, reminded us.

Then we set out on the short rocky trail (a bit treacherous in the dark) to the Tao Fung Shan cross, a huge stark white cross set on a cliff overlooking the many towering buildings that form the Shatin city center.

As the sun rose and as the birds contributed some very loud morning choruses, we celebrated Holy Communion, serving each other in a circle: "the body of Christ broken for you," I got to say to my son. "The blood of Christ shed for you", our son got to say to his father.

I had forgotten my camera and was really ticked off about that until I got to thinking, well, there were no cameras at that first Easter either, now were there? Maybe there are some things better told with words that can
evoke and bend and echo, rather than be confined to a camera's fixed eye.

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