Monday, December 29, 2008

We fly out of Green Bay at 7:10 a.m., then to Detroit, then Detroit to Hong Kong direct, landing about an hour before 2009 begins in China.

Did I mention I feel a little like I'm about to give birth for the first time, or maybe a little more like I'm about to die? Either way, I know everything must change....

as they say on our family's new favorite tv show (Heroes)

to be continued...


  1. AHHH!!!... That horrible...wonderful change. I pray that our Dear Lord will quickly usher you through the horrible - into the WONDERFUL!

  2. Hi Christa,
    I'm sorry I didnt' catch you all by phone before you left for Hong Kong. I hope you learned something from your move to Baboua, Africa -- to take fewer things! We took way too many things to Baboua, and since I'm a slow learner, I imagine we will do the same for the next move. Not that we have any plans yet. Have a great time in Hong Kong.
    David (and Tanya)